YIELD: 4 servings | TIME: 5 minutes | ACTIVE TIME: 5 minutes
Refreshing Gazpacho

Refreshing Gazpacho





  1. Begin by preparing the ingredients. Core and roughly chop the large tomato. Cube the watermelon, ensuring to remove any seeds. Peel and dice the cucumber. Finely chop the red onion.
  2. In a blender or food processor, combine the tomato, watermelon, cucumber, This Little Goat Yucatan Sauce, and red onion. Blend until smooth and well combined, creating a vibrant gazpacho base.
  3. Once the gazpacho is blended to your desired consistency, pour it into serving bowls or glasses.
  4. To add a flavorful and crunchy twist, sprinkle a generous amount of This Little Goat Mexican Crunch on top of each gazpacho serving and a wedge of lime.

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