Grilled Quick Pickles

Grilled Quick Pickles


A bunch of tasty pickles!


1 Red Onion

1 Poblano Pepper

2 Tbs This Little Goat went to Korea Sauce

2 Cups Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar

Salt to Taste


Remove seeds and cut poblano into 1cm thick rounds. Slice one red onion about 1cm thick. Toss with little cooking oil, sprinkle with salt, and about 1-2 Tbs of This Little Goat went to Korea sauce. 

Grill until just tender, getting a light char. 

Put in jar or bowl and pour over 2 cups of seasoned rice wine vinegar. 

Let sit at least 30 min. Can hold in refrigerator for a few weeks. Vinegar great for vinaigrettes too!

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