YIELD: 4 servings | TIME: 1 hour | ACTIVE TIME: 20 minutes
This Little Goat went to Korea Spiced Chicken Wings Topped with This Little Goat went to New York crunch

Crunchy Savory Chicken Wings



For Sauce:

  1. Whisk together Korea Sauce, mayo and lemon juice. Store in the fridge until ready to fry wings. 

For Wings:

  1. Rinse wings under cold water and pat dry. Sprinkle liberally with kosher salt and refrigerate for at least an hour, but can sit overnight. 
  2. When you’re ready to fry, add 2 inches of oil to a large pot over medium heat. Use a thermometer and bring the oil to 325 degrees. Fry for 4 minutes. Work in small batches so you don’t over crowd the pot. Remove the wings to a paper towel lined sheet tray.
  3. Once all the wings are fried, they can rest at this phase until you are ready to finish with the second fry and serve them. 
  4. Turn oil up to 350 degrees and fry wings for another 4 minutes, until lightly golden and crispy. 
  5. Toss in or drizzle liberally with Korea Mayo Sauce and sprinkle everything with New York Crunch. Serve immediately.

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